• Engine: Cummins QSL9, USA
  • Emmission standard: Tier 3
  • Display of Mast angle
  • Dynamic display of drilling tool position, drilling depth and pulling force of winch
  • Main and auxiliary pump: Kawasaki Load-sensitive variable pump, Japan
  • Main valve: Kawasaki special design for rotary drilling rig, Japan
  • Design for large drift diameter and large flow

​The SD20/22/25 Hydraulic drilling rigs originated from the demands of market and clients.

In order to meet the various demands, optimization of medium or small level rigs with parallelogram structure was made. The well matching of undercarriage, winches, mast height and rotary head torque makes the various output performance.

Upper Base Carrier

  • Cummins QSL9 engine, Tier 3
  • 221KW power output
  • Heavy duty structure specially designed for rotary drilling rig as main platform
  • Modern designed ergonomics of cab
  • Multi-functional comfortable seat

Undercarriage (H-Type retractable structure)

  • Professional heavy duty undercarriage suitable for complex working conditions
  • Triple grouser track shoe
  • Large size bearing area to sustain large overturning movement
  • High traction force
  • Rotable pedal

Multifunctional Mast Head

  • Depth sensor accurately measures drilling depth
  • Weight sensor accurately measures hoisting weight of main winch
  • Robust materials and lightweight design
  • ​Reliable safety limiter device

Main Winch

  • Rope pressing device to prevent disorder, slipping, and deflection
  • ​Lebus broken line groove to increase rope life
  • Transparent oil tube which shows oil level and quality
  • In-block cast drum which reduces rope wearing

Rotary Drive

  • 590 Diameter Nominal with kelly bars
  • Replaceable kelly drivers
  • Reliable buffer guiding design to avoid spiral stem break
  • 6 pcs polyurethane buffers to improve buffer ability


  • Double motor gearbox
  • Transparent oil tube which shows oil level and quality
  • ​easy dismantle taper pins to connect casing and rotary drives


  • Uncrackable long middle mast
  • Foldable upper and lower mast
  • Cylinder crowd and rope crowd type.
  • Angel sensor to ensure mast verticality

Guide Shelf or Rotary Drive

  • Dual purpose design, rope crowd could be used after adding a pulley yoke
  • Pin shaft connected type