• Engine: Cummins QSL9, USA
  • Emmission standard: Tier 3
  • Main valve: Kawasaki special design for rotary drilling rig, Japan
  • Design for large drift diameter and large flow
  • Main and auxiliary pump: Kawasaki Load-sensitive variable pump, Japan
  • Design for large drift diameter and large flow
  • Dynamic display of drilling tool position and drilling depth
  • Dynamic display of pulling force of winch

The SD30, SH32 are latest development from the famous Jintai SD28. SH30 with upgrade function by enlarging Engine power, advanced hydraulic system to enhance the power efficiency, and also through optimum design to proper readjust the counterweight achieving the effective balance from pull down and pull up force and therefore improving the ability for penetration in rock formation.

Upper Base Carrier

  • Intelligent control system
  • Multi-oil pump operation to increase effective output
  • Specialized control valve for drilling machine function reducing power loss
  • Enlarged and well organized spacious compartment easy accessible for maintenance. 


  • High strength slewing bearing support
  • Robust H Type Frame connected structure
  • Hydraulic cylinder activated retractable crawler
  • Oversize ground contact bearing capacity to sustain larger over turning torque 
  • High traction force

Modular Type Combination Counter Weight

• Multi-layer Horizontal type counter weight
• Enable smaller turning radius  
• Easy for adjustment and combined use
• ​Easy for dismantling


Main winch

• Special design for long-term heavy load
• Fold line groove, reducing wire rope wear
• Pulling force sensor (SD30 doesn’t have it)
​• Convenient fixing position for maintain


Advanced driver control cabin

• The Jintai Cabin is human engineered to meet international standard, with all round visibility air conditioned comfortable working condition.
• Low noise type cabin for 73db
• Multi-function control level
• Strong FOPs structure


SH32 Large triangle suport structure

  • Large triangle mast support for best stability
  • Pin type lock for easy assembly and dismantling.

SH30 Quadruple parallelogram support structure

  • Dual activating arm to ensure strength and rigidly. 
  • Reinforced protection of the linkage connection of the quads system.
  • Pin lock at both ends to avoid deformation

Mast Head

  • High strength light weight material design
  • Suitable for transportation height
  • With sensor for height limit control
  • With sensor for measuring depth

Rotary Head

  • Advanced mechanical and hydraulic design with direct preliminary gearbox transmission of Robust and durable construction
  • Electro motor control system easy to operate, easy to maintain
  • Large Diameter hole pivot, effective and high efficiency design