• Engine: Cummins QSL9, USA
  • Emmission standard: Tier 3
  • Display of Mast angle
  • Dynamic display of drilling tool position, drilling depth and pulling force of winch
  • Main and auxiliary pump: Kawasaki Load-sensitive variable pump, Japan
  • Main valve: Kawasaki special design for rotary drilling rig, Japan
  • Design for large drift diameter and large flow

Model SG70 hydraulic diaphragm wall grab uses import Cummins QSM11 engine, which emission standard is tier 3 and more powerful, lower noise and more stable. SG70 uses two winches, this design can improve lifting and falling speed, and also efficiency. SG70 uses advanced monitoring system, it can record and save grab work data.


Upper Base Carrier

  • Special upper chassis matching heavy grab operation, with computer control type electronic injection engine which is equipped with pressure sensor is with auto adjusting control function. 
  • Hyundai cab with CCTV and flashing caution light.
  • Reasonable instrument and monitor layout make easily operation and provide the good grab viewing angle. 


  • Reach 90 ton lifting equipment ability
  • 360 working angle and hydraulic extendable crawler.
  • Big wheelmark and stable operation

Combination type counterweight

  • Multi-layer horizontal placement counterweight
  • Small rotation radius
  • Easy dismantling

Grab slewing device

  • Minimum 800mm width of grab with slewing device is available
  • Easy 180˚ slewing operation
  • Good operation in narrow area and corner area
  • Make up the performance for asymmetrical tooth grab
  • Patent No.: ZL201120391796.X

Hydraulic drum system

  • Unique pipe system and independent power source design avoid hydraulic circuit interference and ensure each executive parts working in good condition. 
  • Constant hydraulic pipe pulling force ensure slotting efficiency. 
  • Upgraded pipe coordinated running is suitable for slotting stability and ensure synchronization with grab body. ​

Variable Grab

  • Machine with BZZD series variable grab, which is easy for adjusting grab weight through increasing and decreasing counterweight quantity according to different soil condition. 
  • Machine adopts light loaded function in normal soil condition can reach energy saving and environment protection, also extend the wire rope service lift.
  • With 12 pcs adjusting plate system, and max main cylinder thrust is 2000kn. 


  • SG70 adopts dual winch system.
  • Designed according to the M6-L3-T5 standard, LEBUS drum ensure wire rope long services life and avoid rope in mess.
  • Winch single line pull reach 350kN with normal and fast speed working function
  • Has impacting function in short stroke.

ZOLLERN Gearbox, Germany, REXROTH Motor, Germany