• Engine: Cummins QSL9, USA
  • Emmission standard: Tier 3
  • Display of Mast angle
  • Dynamic display of drilling tool position, drilling depth and pulling force of winch
  • Main and auxiliary pump: Kawasaki Load-sensitive variable pump, Japan
  • Main valve: Kawasaki special design for rotary drilling rig, Japan
  • Design for large drift diameter and large flow

SH36 is JINTAI matured product and famous for high efficiency and cost-effective, which is very good reputation in the market and has great competitiveness.

SH38 is new high-performance product which is designed on the base of SH 36 excellent market response and customer requirement. SH36 firstly achieve the 3m diameter pile in China. Compared with SH36, SH38 is with better stability, bigger rotation torque and heavier winch lifting ability.



  • High duty triple roller slewing bearing
  • Realiable H Frame structure
  • Hydraulic extendable crawer
  • Big loading area and overturning moment
  • Optional dismountable suspension type counterweight

Mast Head

  • Classic lightweight design
  • Drilling hole center distance 1550mm
  • Changeable pulley match ø36 and ø40 wire rope


  • Superposition counterweight design meet different transportation requirement
  • Integrated designed with main winch seat
  • Changeable main winch meets different working conditions
  • Counterweight connected with main winch frame through turnbuckle makes machine more stable
  • Changeable counterweight adapts different working procedure

Main Winch

  • Dual gear reducer driven
  • Single layer wire rope drum available and increasing wire rope service life
  • With 40 wire rope is available and increasing the lifting ability
  • Pulling arm shows the lifting ability


  • Reliable mast rail using classic bending formation
  • Mast standardization design matches different length of additional mast section to meet different requirement
  • Available with leg cylinder to meet stability under special working condition
  • Crowd cylinder and Crowd winch type system

Guide Shelf or Rotary Drive

  • Triple gear motor provides heavy torque 360Kn.m
  • Triple roller slewing bearing
  • Interim frame matching different drilling hole center distance requirement
  • Transparent tube easy monitoring gear reducer oil
  • Buffer devices avoid blot broken

Large triangle support structure

  • Large Triangle type mast support provides the best stability
  • Equipped with protection system during the erection of the mast
  • Pin Type lock for easy assembly and dismantling

Rotary Head Sledge

  • Rectangle tube as main structure is reliable and secure
  • Crowd cylinder with pin connection increase the
  • Mast hook plate with hinged bolt is easy for assembly and disassembly